Pascal Verschoor, Projectmanager Bolster Softgoods


What do you do in the CoverWorks Group?

I’m a Project manager at Bolster Softgoods. One of my tasks is to guide clients through the project; in the team I am the binding factor between the client and our production process. I also search for new markets, new customers whom we can help with textile solutions in the broadest sense of the word.

How long have you worked for the CoverWorks Group?

Just a few months, I joined the CoverWorks Group in February 2023. In this short time I have learned and done a lot. I’ve made new contacts and started up a great new project. From the start, I was trusted with the responsibility to take this on.

Why did you choose the CWG?

That is a great story. Two of my former colleagues work as upholsterers at Supportec Upholsteries. I had called 1 of them to ask if she wanted to work at my former employer. I was so surprised by her enthusiastic story about her current employer. The other colleague phoned me a few weeks later to see if I wouldn’t consider working for the CoverWorks Group. Given this invitation, I attended an introductory talk. It immediately felt right, during this talk we discussed the possibilities available in the group. We had a click, and a few weeks later I was called about the position of project manager at Bolster Softgoods.

What strikes you about the CoverWorks Group?

Its open culture, everything can be addressed. The building where I work houses 3 companies. Each one has its own identity, but they still form a tight team. We help each other where we can. Knowledge and experience are exchanged all the time.

What is your career goal in the CoverWorks Group?

A hybrid position in the CoverWorks Group. Taking advantage of opportunities arising for all of the companies. Because we are so linked, it is possible, in my opinion, for all companies to search actively for parties to collaborate with.

Looking at the CoverWorks Group, which company could you best contribute to?

As far as I can currently judge, Bolster Softgoods wins out. There’s diversity in the products and the dynamic between the customer and the product development team. I only just started here, but I already see enough development to make a real contribution to the team and the company.

What did you study?

HBO (Higher Professional Education) Commercial Economics. My commercial orientation combined with a wide-ranging interest in technology makes this the perfect place for me.

What do you like about your job?

The diversity in customers, products, techniques and the commercial side. All of my interests are covered. Working in a committed team ensures that I go to work every day with a smile on my face. Together with the team we make interesting products. There are often new challenges, and we develop solutions together with the customers. Our expertise keeps increasing because of this variety of projects. Innovation in terms of textile and techniques.

What are you proud of?

I have already found my feet in both the team and the company, this is definitely due to the fine team I work with. I have already made a contribution in collaboration with new customers. Ik heb nu al mijn bijdrage kunnen leveren aan samenwerkingen met nieuwe klanten.

What can we at the CoverWorks Group be proud of?

That you as a group of different companies can still be a team. There is a great amount of expertise in house. We continue to expand without losing quality and the company spirit.

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