Our culture

At the CoverWorks Group we are only satisfied when the customer is. Our products must be perfect. They must make people’s lives brighter and better.

Openness and appreciation

To achieve this, we have an open culture. Everything is open to discussion. Our employees share their knowledge and experience and help each other wherever possible. They appreciate each other just as they are, regardless of their background. Everyone is unique, but equal at the same time. We also have a culture that fosters the development of each individual in their work or through training and courses.

Core values

In addition, we have six core values. They clarify our method of working and what customers can expect from us. They strengthen the team spirit within the CoverWorks Group. You know what you can expect from your colleagues.

1. Passion: We are passionate about what we do. We always think ahead and strive for improvement and renewal.
2. Integrity: We are fair, sincere and respect others. We welcome new ideas. Customers trust us because we always keep our promises.
3. Responsibility: We want to be the best in everything we do and we hold ourselves responsible for the results. Transfer of work or products is done with focussed attention and precision.
4. Quality: What we do, we do well. We strive for absolute perfection.
5. Neatness: We work neatly and carefully. We do not waste any resources and take care of the manufactured products.
6. Collaboration: We understand that we can achieve more if we work together. We all contribute to the result and celebrate our successes together.

Our people