Shaila Deckers, voorvrouw bij CoverWorks.


What do you do in the CoverWorks Group?

I am the forewoman of the upholsterers team at CoverWorks. Together with this team and the engineers, we make the finest upholstery for yachts in the higher segment. We want to supply our customers with the perfect upholstery.

How long have you worked for the CoverWorks Group?

I’ve been here for seven years and still enjoy turning up for work. Every day is different.

What strikes you about the CoverWorks Group?

In my 7 years of working here, the CoverWorks Group has expanded enormously. At the start, I had 20 colleagues, now there are over 50. The CoverWorks Group has a fine collegial atmosphere. We want to learn from each other and share our knowledge.

What attracts you most in this trade?

Working with the industrial sewing machine and the finest materials and leather. Every time it is a hugely fun challenge to bring the architect/designer’s drawings to life. I feel extremely proud when we have successfully concluded a long-term project due to good collaboration. That motivates me to start on the next project enthusiastically. The upholstery on a yacht is the cherry on top.

What do you do in terms of innovation?

Digitalisation ranks at the top of our list. If we can digitalise, then we take steps immediately. We keep adding to our tools. We have a Zünd (computer-guided cutting machine) in house that offers so many possibilities. For example, this machine can cut plastic frames, allowing us to offer a better alternative in material and use than our previous solution. I am hoping for a leather cutter for the Zünd.

What did you study?

I followed the furniture upholsterer programme at the HMC vocational school for wood, furniture and interior (Hout- en Meubileringscollege, HMC) in Amsterdam. The programme gave me a good basis on which I can build.

Have you always worked for CoverWorks?

No, my first job was at Supportec Upholsteries. There I upholstered many headrests. It was a great place to learn about fine-detail upholstery.

Which aspects of your career progress were especially interesting?

In my last job I prepared many spray hoods at a sail manufacturer, I really enjoyed that. When an opening became available at CoverWorks, I grabbed the chance to start working as a sail maker.

Was the career progress what you expected?

It was so much more. CoverWorks was not making any luxury upholstery when I started. Since then, I have kept up with this development. From spray hoods to luxury upholstery with the finest materials and best possibilities. Since the beginning of 2022, I have progressed to forewoman.

What is your career goal in the CoverWorks Group?

Production manager. We currently have 1 production manager, if space allows for a second, I would love to do that. I am already learning a lot from him.

The production manager does the preparation for our upholsterers so they are immediately clear on what to do and can work efficiently.

Looking at the CoverWorks Group, which company could you best contribute to?

I’m right where I should be. Given my training and interest in interiors, CoverWorks is the company that suits me best. I still have lots to learn here. CoverWorks will always be a place of learning because we are pioneers in technology.

What are you proud of?

I’m proud of my new career step as forewoman. I feel good in this role, and the first project is running smoothly.

What can we at the CoverWorks Group be proud of?

The positive name recognition, the growth of the group and the team spirit. There are not only new companies, they all continue to develop. The companies cooperate with each other well, they form a tight team.

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